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Quick Guide

Here are the short recommendations for different types of source clips.

To convert & join clips, set 'action' to 'Many -> One AVI'. For bacth conversion (without joining) set 'action' to 'Many -> Many AVI'.

Short recommendations

Here are some common usage patterns for MP4Cam2AVI, depending on your requirements.


To import *.mp4 or *.mov files from my camera to Movie Maker or other video app, but it doesn't accept them

Some video apps don't accept mp4/mov, but they all support avi files.

First of all, make sure you have appropriate vfw (video for windows) codec installed, see "Video codecs, FFShow" section below.

In Mp4Cam2AVI, select your input files, set:
- action: 'Batch convert (Many -> Many AVI)'
- audio format: PCM (recommended, but mp3 should work also)
- click 'browse' and set target directory and press 'Start'

After a couple of minutes you should have converted avi's in target directory.


To make one long movie from a bunch of small clips

In Mp4Cam2AVI, select your input files, set:
- action: 'Convert & join (Many -> One AVI)'
- audio format: mp3
- click 'browse', set target file directory\name and press 'Start'

After a couple of minutes you should have converted avi in target directory. Make sure you have appropriate codecs installed to play this file (see "Video codecs, FFShow" section below).


To make a movie to watch on DVD\HD player

Almost all DVD players support DivX\XviD AVI playback, or MPEG4 ASP video in AVI container.

If your camera shoots MPEG-4 ASP clips, just convert&join your files to AVI, burn them to data CD/DVD or save to a flash drive, than your player should accept it like a regular DivX movie.

If your camera makes H264 or MJPEG clips, you can convert them to DivX format this way:
- Settings : Program Mode : Expert Mode (to unhide advanced options)
- action: 'Convert & join (Many -> One AVI)'
- audio format: mp3
- uncheck 'use advanced options'
- video format: 'XviD MPEG-4 TV Standard' 4:3 or 16:9
- click 'browse', set target file directory\name and press 'Start'
- burn target AVI to CD/DVD and watch on your DVD player

Video codecs, FFDShow

MP4Cam2AVI doesn't need any VfW or DirectShow codecs to perform conversion in 'source video' mode (it performs all the job itself or using freeware dll's coming with the program).

But, to play target file on PC, be sure you have the appropriate codec installed. If your target AVI playback shows video, but not audio, it's most probably the codec issue.

The easiest way to solve this issue is to install freeware FFDShow - this is a codec library vith virtually any codec you may need - it includes MPEG-4 ASP, H.264, H.263, MJPEG and many other codecs.

If you want to edit target files in video editing apps (Adobe Premiere, Ulead Video Studio, VultualDub etc.), the situtation may be a bit more tricky. If FFDShow doesn't work with your video editing app, try other codecs, there's no universal recommendation here.

Tips and tricks

Nero *.MP4 files

MP4Cam2AVI is able to convert Nero MP4 files (MPEG-4 ASP video / AAC audio) to DivX-compatible AVI (The same video / MP3 audio). But, it's only possible to convert MPEG-4 ASP video, not MPEG-4 AVC (althougn MP4Cam2AVI supports AVC clips from some cameras, I didn't test it with Nero clips, and, anyway, it's better to keep MPEG-4 AVC video in *.MP4 container).


MOV files with low sample rates (8000 Hz and lower)

To minimize audio quality loss, use 'PCM' or 'Source audio'. With 'MP3' audio option, it's better to check 'resample to 24000' option in advanced options (Lame mp3 coder works better with higher sample rates)


Conversion OK, but no video in WMPlayer (just audio).

It's most probably the codec problem. Try to install freeware FFDShow, be sure your video format is turned on in FFDShow codec options (Start menu -> ffdshow -> Video decoder configuration -> Codecs).


Internal preview doesn't work (black screen, error message or program crash)

This means MP4Cam2AVI can't decode source video, but it doesn't mean it's unable to convert the file. Internal preview is not supported for for H.263 and H.264 clips, but you can convert them to avi with 'Source video' option. To turn off internal preview, just switch to 'conversion log' tab.


MP4Cam2AVI says "Unsupported video format".

MP4Cam2AVI shouldn't support all the *.mov's and *.mp4's available, it supports only common video/audio codecs for camcorders/photo cameras. If you have a camera clip, feel free to send me a small samle via e-mail, in some cases it's easy to add support.


No video preview in video editing app

If you can play target avi, but have problems with video editing app, it's probably a codec issue. There's no single recommendation here - try to use other codecs. For MPEG-4 ASP video, try to use DivX. When you try other codecs, it's better to uninstall all your existing codecs before.

Try not to install many codecs or codec packs, cause different codecs may conflict with each other.


Conversion is very slow. Where is 5-20x realtime?

Firsl of all, check video option - it should be 'Source video' (video recmpression needs much more CPU time).
Second, check the source drive speed. If you are trying to convert files directly from USB card-reader or CD-ROM, low drive speed may be the reason. In this case copy files to hard disk before converting.
Third, try to set 'Thread priority' to 'High' or 'Normal'.

Conversion speed should be about 5x realtime even on slow machines like Celeron 900.


Logo on target video, like 'DivX' or ''

It's a codec's work, not MP4Cam2AVI. For DivX, you can turn off this logo in DivX settings. In other cases, you may have a trial version of codec. For MJPEG (when you see "picvideo" or "jpg" logo), just remove the trial codec and install freeware FFDShow - it supports all video formats (at least those can be found in photo cameras).


Audio/video desync in target file or after editing

Use 'PCM' option for audio.


No audio in target file (while source file contains audio)

If source audio format is AMR, it can't be passed to avi, cause MP4Cam2AVI doesn't support AMR audio at this time. MP4Cam2AVI supports AAC, MP3, PCM, u-Law and ADPCM.


Colors are not the same in source and target video

It's a codec issue. Since you re-packed video from MP4/MOV to AVI, your computer uses another codec to play the video, Try to adjust codec settings, or try to use another codec.


My DVD-MPEG4 player doesn't play audio in target avi, while PC plays it well

Be sure you set 'audio' option to 'MP3'.

If source clips have low sample rate (i.e. 8000 Hz), try to:
- increase 'audio preload' value in advanced settings
- check 'resample to 24000 Hz' option in advanced settings

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